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Next Meeting Friday, July 8th, 2016

Meeting starts at 7:30PM

San Jose City Hall

200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose

Room 120

Speaker: Audrey Young-Tarter - Most Recent Updates on Peloric Cymbidium Breeding

Reminder: we are meeting in the San Jose City Hall.

Speaker Bio

When Audrey attended her first Orchid Society meeting, she decided to spring for $5 in raffle tickets. She won 3 Cymbidiums, one valued at $125 - a 5-spike, full blooming Cymbidium Red Beauty 'Evening Star', HCC/AOS. So of course, she thought, "Oh, this is EASY."

After 24 years of collecting over 4,000 cymbidiums, she acknowledges that it has never since been that easy as buying that first raffle ticket!

Like most beginners, she immediately joined way too many orchid societies, and has served in many capacities from Board Member, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and Facebook editor. She was collecting so many orchids, that her husband finally said "No! No more orchids in the bedroom! Either you sleep here, or they do!" Audrey realized she needed Orchid Rehab and sold, gave and tossed away plants until she could move what was left into a greenhouse.

In 1997 Audrey purchased a division of Cymbidium Cleo's Melody 'Freakout' from the Terry Root Cymbidium Stud Plant Collection. She was fascinated with the unique and attractive mutation of markings on the lower half of the lower sepals and petals of the plant. She began calling vendors, everyone who was in the orchid world, from the USA to Australia & New Zealand, asking if they knew about this interesting cultivar. She has since purchased hundreds of peloric Cymbidiums, fostered seedlings, registered 6 six grexes, and finally originated her first sepal peloric potential Cymbidium hybrid. Audrey has learned a lot about peloric Cymbidiums and she is excited to share her knowledge with you.

When Audrey isn't hammering somebody about Cymbidium orchids, she sells real estate, takes long walks by the beach with her husband (really!), and travels to visit friends and nifty foreign countries. Although sadly in need of updating, Audrey's website is CymsererlyYours and her Facebook page may be seen at

Plant table

Audrey will provide Cymbidiums.